Hex-Rays Microcode API vs. Obfuscating Compiler

This is a guest entry written by Rolf Rolles from Mobius Strip Reverse Engineering. His views and opinions are his own, and not those of Hex-Rays. Any technical or maintenance issues regarding the code herein should be directed to him.

In this entry, we’ll investigate an in-the-wild malware sample that was compiled by an obfuscating compiler to hinder analysis. We begin by examining its obfuscation techniques and formulating strategies for removing them. Following a brief detour into the Hex-Rays CTREE API, we find that the newly-released microcode API is more powerful and flexible for our task. We give an overview of the microcode API, and then we write a Hex-Rays plugin to automatically remove the obfuscation and present the user with a clean decompilation.

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