Using custom viewers from IDAPython

Custom viewers can be used to display arbitrary textual information and can be used in any IDA plugin.They are used in IDA-View, Hex-View, Enum and struct views and the Hex-Rays decompiler.

In this blog entry we are going to write an ASM file viewer in order to demonstrate how to create a custom viewer and populate it with colored lines.

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Preview of the new cross-platform IDA Pro GUI

In order to provide our customers with the best user experience and in order to target many different platforms, the IDA Pro graphical user interface is currently being rewritten using the Qt technology.
Qt (pronounced “cute”) is a cross-platform application and UI framework and the Win32 VCL-based IDA Pro interface is being ported to it. The goal is to provide all the features available in the current GUI while maintaining the maximum compatibility with plugins and other external modules.
Here is a screenshot of the current build of idaqt running on Ubuntu:
You can click on the images to enlarge them.

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